British Summertime Begins! Here's a Breakdown of the Best Types of BBQs

The clocks have now sprung forward which means longer days, warmer weather (hopefully) and more time to enjoy being outdoors. One of the things many people really look forward to about the spring and summer months is cooking and dining al fresco! You simply cannot beat a BBQ in the garden with family and friends, so we wanted to share our knowledge on the best types of BBQs available to help you choose the right one for you.

Gas BBQs

First up, we have gas BBQs. This option is great for people who want a grill that’s quick and easy to get going. Gas BBQs combine gas hobs and grill bars, offering a versatile, easy-to-use outdoor cooker.  Below are some of the pros and cons that you should consider:


  • Quick and easy to light and ready to be used in a matter of minutes.
  • Generally have lots of added features for more versatility when cooking, eg. cooker hoods, griddles and side burners.
  • Doesn’t use any ash or coal making the tidy up process easier.
  • Dials can be used to adjust the temperature, again allowing for more versatility and flexibility when cooking.


  • Typically a more expensive option when compared to charcoal BBQs
  • Food can lack the chargrilled flavour that many people enjoy about barbecued food.
  • Are bulkier than charcoal BBQs, therefore taking up more space and are harder to move.
  • You need a gas canister.

As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive a gas BBQ is, the more features you get. We would suggest looking out for a few different things before making your decision:

  • Firstly, look at the number of burners the BBQ has and make sure you consider how many people you’re likely to be cooking for.
  • Consider opting for a BBQ with a cooker hood as this means you can also roast and bake foods at the same time!
  • Look out for BBQs that feature griddles and side burners as these are perfect for frying foods or side dishes. 
  • Check for extra storage space within your BBQ for tools and condiments. Having everything in one place will make your life easier once you start cooking.

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Charcoal BBQs

Charcoal BBQs are perfect for people who want to achieve that truly authentic, traditional smoky flavours. Here’s some of the benefits and drawbacks of charcoal BBQs to help make your decision a little easier.


  • Get a more smoky, chargrilled flavour to your food
  • Typically less expensive compared to gas BBQs
  • They have a much higher maximum temperature
  • No requirement to keep gas canisters


  • There’s an act to getting them to light, they can often be tricky especially with leftover ash in the drum.
  • Takes longer to reach cooking temperature.
  • Harder and more time consuming to clean.
  • You can’t easily dictate the temperature.

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Hybrid BBQs

Struggling to decide between the two and wish you could combine the benefits? Well you’re in luck. Hybrid BBQs basically provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to choose when you want to cook with gas and when you want to cook with charcoal. Essentially this means that you can get the authentic taste of charcoal-grilled food with the convenience of a gas-powered grill.

If you’re short on time and want a faster cooking method, you can use the grill setting. But if you were having guests round and wanted to wow them with an authentic, smoky BBQ flavour, you can opt for the charcoal setting.

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Closing thoughts

So there you have it, a breakdown of some of the options available. As always, if you need any further help or advice you can get in touch with our team or visit us at our showroom where we’ll be happy to help!