Garden Furniture Recycling Policy (including packaging)

More and more customers are asking how we can recycle our packaging and old garden sets including wooden benches, rattan sets and even plastic chairs. In this report ,I am going to explain the problems with recycling and what we can all do to help this happen easily and affordably. The main problems halting us from recycling are as follows:

  1.  Most packaging is massively difficult to transport in a car to the tip and more often than not may end up behind the garage, getting wet and slimy until that day when you tidy up and get a skip.
  2. The cost of a skip cannot be justified, after all, you have just paid a lot of money for your new shiny garden set. Paying out another £150 for a skip doesn’t quite feel right, especially if there’s not much wrong with your old set. In some cases, this can really hinder the decision to buy a better replacement.
  3. The need to donate the old set to a worthy cause becomes priority and it can be very difficult to find somebody or cause worthy to take the old set, let alone deliver It. This one issue can really affect some peoples buying decision often postponing the decision to buy the ideal garden set.

With the above in mind, we have decided to make this recycling policy which we hope will help you make good recycling decisions regarding garden furniture and its packaging. Below is our recycling policy.

Duxburys Home and Garden Recycling Policy (specific to garden furniture and packaging)

  1. To generally minimise waste going into landfill.
  2. To re-use cardboard where possible, as extra protection when packaging goods. If not of a reusable quality, then to be sent to the nearest cardboard recycling centre. Alternatively, Duxbury’s also donates cardboard packaging to people moving house, offering customers the chance to return to Duxbury’s for recycling.
  3. Bubble wrap to be re-used where possible for protecting paintings and mirrors whilst in transit or wrapping fragile items such as Christmas baubles at the till.
  4. To donate old furniture to worthy causes or people in need.
  5. If unable to donate, then all furniture is to be recycled where possible. Wood to be recycled for shredding as sawdust or for manufacturing chipboards for use in building houses. Metal furniture to be used as spares or recycled as necessary. Glass to be recycled, Plastic products to be recycled where possible.

The intention of this policy is to encourage customers to recycle, and we are here to help this happen regarding Garden Furniture and Packaging.

We can do this by offering services which involve removing packaging from your home and re-using and removing your old garden furniture and either donating to worthy causes or recycling the materials which include metals, glass, wood and plastic.

The Duxburys Team.