Garden Water Feature Ideas

Water features are a great addition to any garden and they add a unique, personal touch to outdoor spaces. The calming sound of water flowing adds a relaxing atmosphere to gardens whilst enhancing the sense of nature and providing a place for wildlife to visit!

A water feature really doesn't have to cost a fortune and many of them don’t require plumbing. We have a huge range of different water features available both online or in store, with options to suit everyone. We’ve picked out some of our favourite water features below along with some key factors you need to consider before you buy.  You can browse our full collection on our website here.

Garden Water Feature Ideas 

Below are a small selection of the water features we have available to give you an idea of the wide range of styles you have to choose from. You can browse our full collection here, or visit us at our showroom.

Sitting Buddha Water Feature

Buddha water features are a hugely popular option, they add a unique and quirky touch to any garden space, instantly adding style and personality. This particular water feature reflects nature and peace perfectly, with the warm white LED lights creating an enchanting effect when the sun goes down.

Find out more about this water feature here.

Como Springs Water Feature

This Como Springs Water Feature is a beautiful waterfall style option and it is a hugely popular option amongst our customers. It’s also super simple to install - simply plug in the 10m mains cable, fill it with water and you’re good to go!

Find out more about this water feature here.

Flowing Jugs Water Feature

This beautiful water feature features 4 jugs that the water cascades through, providing a unique centrepiece to your garden space. It’s another great option that’s really simple to use. All you have to do is plug it in, fill it with water and sit back and relax.

This feature also features LED lights so that you can appreciate and admire it even when the sun goes down. Find out more about this water feature here.

Garda Falls Water Feature

This absolutely stunning Garda Falls water feature is another waterfall style option. Inspired by nature, this water feature perfectly represents a beautiful mountain spring. It’s perfectly shaped to allow water to trickle down it like a waterfall.

This feature requires no plumbing and it features LED lights so you can enjoy it throughout the course of the day and night. Find out more about this option here.

Cascading Water Feature with Planter

This cascading water feature makes a stunning, contemporary addition to any garden space. Warm white LED lights create a beautiful night time look too and It even doubles up as a planter for your favourite plant! Learn more about this water feature here.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Feature

Below are a few of the main things you should consider to ensure you choose the right water feature for your garden space:

The style you like

This is the most obvious thing to consider, but you need to make sure that you choose a water feature style that you love and that suits your garden space. There are so many styles to choose from so make sure you thoroughly consider all of the different options. A water feature is an investment that will feature in your garden space for many years, so make sure you choose an option that you’ll always love.

The size you want

This is another obvious point to consider, but making sure you choose the right size of water feature for your garden is a must. You don’t want to choose one that dominates the space and leaves little room for anything else, but equally you don’t want to choose one that’s too small to make any impact. A water feature can be a statement piece to your garden, or it could be an addition that adds the finishing touch to your outdoor space. So make sure you really consider the size of the water feature versus the size of your garden.

The cleaning required

Make sure you consider the ongoing maintenance required to keep your water feature looking and working its best. We would suggest speaking to our team to find out what cleaning is required for the specific water feature you’re looking at. 

Whether or not plumbing is required

Some water features require complicated plumbing, whereas others simply require plugging in and filling with water. Make sure you consider the level of plumbing you want your water feature to have. If you want a hassle free option, we’d suggest opting for a feature that requires no plumbing at all.

Closing thoughts

Featured in this article are just a few of the water features that we have available both on our website and in store. You can browse our full collection here, or visit us at our Preston showroom. Our friendly team are on hand to help to choose the right water feature for you and your garden space as well as answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!