Outdoor Furniture Shipping Update

Shipping and haulage is ongoing major issue for us all the retail sectors. However, we continue to monitor and chase all orders from our suppliers.

You may see on some of our Garden Furniture that they have "Expected Due Dates" these dates are provided with best faith that they will be adhered too, however, these do change but we continually monitor and inform our customers.

All our suppliers have been able to secure shipment within a reasonable time frame and these dates have been achieved and will continue to do so. However, they still face the following issues:

  • Power delay in China slowing production
  • Port congestion worldwide meaning containers and vessels being in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Port congestion in Felixstowe meaning late arrivals of vessels subsequent delays in off-loading the vessels
  • Huge haulage issue causing changes to delivery schedule massive price increases and general mayhem in the final delivery once the goods have been shipped and cleared
  • Also, just to update you, so far all shipping lines are continuing to up prices and hold any negotiations up for next year, it is anticipated that prices will again rise and space will be at a premium, but we will keep a careful eye on this and keep you updated accordingly.
  • As we did last season, we will send you updates and keep you informed. 

Thank you for your support through these tough times of production and shipping.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to come back to us, we will try to answer any questions as quick as possible.