Rattan Garden Furniture Covers: A Buyers Guide

Rattan garden furniture is a significant investment, especially if you’re opting for a quality, premium option. Whilst most high quality rattan furniture sets are incredibly durable, it is always beneficial to give your furniture some added protection through furniture covers. This is particularly important throughout the winter months where we experience heavy downpours and snowy/icy conditions. 

Since there are a huge range of furniture covers available, it can be difficult to know which particular type you should buy. That’s why we have put together a simple guide to help you choose the right cover for you and your rattan furniture set. Of course, our team are always on hand to help, so if you need any additional advice don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit us at our showroom.

Key Thing to Consider When Choosing a Furniture Cover

Below are some of the areas you should consider before picking out a furniture cover.

The size of your furniture

This first point may seem like a really obvious one but it is one of the first things you should look at, there’s no point picking out the cover you want only to find out it’s not available in the size you need! So, make sure you measure your furniture set so you know which size to get. Make sure you also take into account the shape of your set, there are specific cover ranges available for corner sets, dining sets, bistro sets etc. 

Most of the time, if you buy your garden furniture from a well known brand such as Nova or Katie Blake, you’ll be able to find a cover to perfectly suit your furniture set from the same brand. However, don’t let this make you think you have to buy a cover from a certain brand just because that’s where your furniture set is from, there are plenty of other options available to you! 

The durability of the cover

As with anything, you get what you pay for. There are some cheaper furniture covers available that will do the job for a short period of time, but if you want your furniture cover to properly protect your rattan set and last for years to come, we recommend investing in a quality option. 

It is worth highlighting the fact that extreme weather can cause damage to your furniture covers, so in case of any storms we would suggest storing your cover away safely. 

The protection the covers provide

The next thing to consider is what sort of protection the cover provides. Ideally you want an option that provides protection against water and UV. Keeping your furniture set dry helps to prevent any rusting and damage to your furniture set underneath. On the flip side, the sun can cause damage to rattan furniture, causing breakdown over time. So, whilst we don’t often get blessed with long spells of hot weather, it is still worth investing in a cover that offers both water and UV resistant properties.

Some furniture covers feature additional features that can increase the amount of protection. Drawstrings are a great example which allow you to tighten the covers around your furniture sets to prevent it blowing off in heavy winds.

The Different Types of Covers Available

We thought it might help a little to chat through some of the most popular options in our range to help make your decision a little easier… 


First up, we have Aerocovers, a marketing leader in outdoor covers. Aerocovers are breathable whilst being fully waterproof which ensures your furniture will stay dry and clean. They also provide UV protection for your furniture and feature a handy storage bag which is perfect for storing the cover whilst it’s not in use.

You can browse our full range of Aerocovers here.

Katie Blake furniture covers

Katie Blake furniture covers are another great option and are a highly popular range. The covers are fully waterproof to protect your furniture underneath.

Katie Blake covers are made using a Heavy Weight Polyester with a waterproof backing for added protection. A great feature of these covers is that they feature a cord tie system with toggles and stainless-steel eyelets which prevent wind from getting underneath..

Browse our range of Katie Blake covers here

Nova furniture covers

Nova furniture covers are another popular choice. They are specifically engineered with longevity in mind and are fit to withstand all seasons. The covers are made using a high quality PVC backed polyester which ensures a completely weather resistant finish. For added protection, Nova covers are treated with specifically formulated Weathertex compound which causes water to repel and bead.

Nova covers also come with a carry bag which can be used to store your cover away neatly when it’s not being used. You’ll also find handy drawstrings and eyelets on Nova covers which allow your set to be completely covered and protected.

Browse our range of Nova furniture covers here.

Supremo furniture covers

The Supremo range features a wide collection of sizes for different types of outdoor furniture. They are suitable for protecting your furniture from exposure to the elements and damage throughout the periods of time that your furniture isn’t in use.

Supremo covers are fully breathable and feature a vent system for air flow. The covers are easy to fit, waterproof, UV resistant and come with four tie straps to secure your cover in place.

You can browse our full range of Supremo covers here.

Other furniture covers

We also have a wide range of other garden furniture covers from top brands such as Innovators, Firmans, LG and more. You can browse our full range online. 

Closing thoughts 

Hopefully this guide has made choosing the right furniture cover a little easier. Again, our team are here to help so feel free to get in touch with us for more information. You can contact us here or come and visit us at our showroom.