Rattan Garden Furniture with Firepits - Everything you Need to Know

Are you considering investing in a rattan garden furniture set with a firepit? If so, the chances are you’ve probably got a few questions about how it works and some of the benefits of them. So, we’ve put together this article which talks through everything you need to know to ensure you make an informed decision and choose a firepit set that you’ll enjoy for many, many years to come.

The benefits of a set with a firepit

So, what are the benefits of firepit furniture sets and why exactly should you consider choosing one? Below are some of the key benefits… 

Light & heat

Firstly, firepit sets are absolutely perfect for those who like to entertain as they provide a stunning source of light that allows the party to go on even when the sun goes down. Not only does it provide lighting, but the fire really does create a unique and relaxing environment with a mediterranean feel. Of course, the fire does give off heat to keep you and your guests cosy when the sun goes down.

Stunning feature 

As well as the practical benefits of offering heat and light, firepit sets really are a stunning addition to any garden space. When lit, they offer a fantastic centrepiece and stunning feature to your garden. When not lit, most firepit sets also come with a metal lid that you can place over the fire, allowing extra space for dining and entertaining.

Unique Ambience

Firepit sets also offer a fantastic, relaxing ambience that’s perfect for enjoying food and drink outdoors. So, if you’re looking for a new garden furniture set that adds a wow factor to your space and creates a unique, relaxing atmosphere for dining, firepit sets really are a fantastic option.

Key things to consider

Below are some of the main things you should think about when considering a garden furniture set with a firepit.

How to use them

The good news is, firepit sets are really easy to use. Most require a patio gas bottle with propane. The only thing to ensure when you buy a gas bottle is that it’s compatible with the clip-on regulator that’s featured on most firepit systems. Once the gas bottle is connected, use the simple valve and control panel to light the fire. It really is as simple as that.


As with all garden furniture sets, there is a small bit of maintenance required to keep it looking its best. But this is very minimal. To keep the stainless steel looking shiny, we recommend cleaning and polishing this initially with a small amount of warm soapy water and then polishing it with a clean cloth to keep it shining.

We also recommend keeping the table top clean from any debris, so after use, we would recommend wiping things down with some cleaning spray and a cloth. This keeps things hygienic - especially when you’re using the set for dining. Make sure the firepit is off before you start cleaning as some products can be flammable!

When not in use, make sure your firepit is covered with the metal lids provided, this protects it and keeps it clean ready for the next use.

How safe are they?

A common concern is whether or not firepit sets are safe. They are an extremely safe way of adding fire to your garden. Look out for a firepit set that’s CE certified as these have all passed stringent safety tests. Gas firepits also burn at a lower temperature than wood-burning firepits. Additionally, you can place the wind shield provided around the firepit for added safety, particularly if children or pets are around.

To summarise, they are a very safe option. For extra peace of mind, we recommend reading the manual provided before use to ensure you’re using it correctly.

Popular firepit sets right now

Below are some of our most popular firepit sets right now, so if you like the look of any of these, don’t delay! Order now to ensure you don’t miss out.

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Closing thoughts

So there you have it, everything you need to know about rattan garden furniture with firepits. We hope this gives you more insight into the benefits of them as well as some of the key things you should know. As always, our team are on hand to help, so if you have any further questions, please contact us or visit us at our showroom.