The Benefits of Compact Rattan Garden Furniture Sets

It’s no secret that there are a huge amount of garden furniture sets to choose from. In this article, we’re focussing in particular on compact rattan garden furniture and the benefits of opting for this style, especially if you’re wanting to maximise your garden space.

There are a few different options when it comes to compact garden furniture sets and the choice you make will largely depend on how many people you want to seat. Compact corner options are a great choice, as are cube sets and bistro sets, we’ll explore the benefits of each below…

The importance of maximising your garden space

It may sound pretty obvious, but the key to creating a well balanced garden space where you actually enjoy spending time is to not overload it with too many items, leaving little space to move around and socialise. This is important no matter how big or small your garden is. 

If your garden is of a slightly smaller size, it’s really important to choose a furniture set that gives you space to move around as well as having other key things you want in your garden, such as a BBQ or water feature. Before beginning your hunt for the perfect  garden furniture set, we would recommend measuring up your space and having a rough plan of how you want your garden to look and where you’re planning to place your furniture set.

Another key thing to consider that will impact how you utilise the space you have available, is how many people you need to seat. Think about the size of your family at home as well as how often you like to entertain additional family and friends. The last thing you want to do is invest in a furniture set only to find over time that it doesn’t sit enough people.

Compact furniture options and why they work so well

Here are some of the garden furniture sets available at Duxburys Home & Garden which are perfect for those looking for a compact option for their garden:

  • Bistro Sets: if there’s only two of you and you’d like somewhere relaxing to sit and enjoy a coffee (or a wine!) without dominating your garden space, bistro sets could be the perfect option for you. Our Bistro Sets all come with a small table and two comfortable chairs, making them a really great option for those looking for a compact solution to garden furniture. There are a wide range of styles to choose from in our range of Bistro Sets, so there really is something to suit all tastes and budgets.
  • Compact Corner Options: corner furniture sets are a great option for smaller garden spaces as they fit neatly into the corner of your garden and leave plenty of space for moving around. Some corner sets on the market are quite large, but at Duxburys Home & Garden we do have a fantastic selection of compact options that are perfect for those wanting to maximise a small garden space. Corner sofas are also great as they can be used for dining as well as relaxing comfortably to enjoy the summer sun.
  • Cube Sets: another great option for smaller spaces is a cube set. With this type of garden furniture, the chairs and stools slide neatly underneath the table so that when not in use, it’s only the table that takes up any space in your garden. Cube sets also come in a range of styles and sizes so you can find one that suits your taste as well as seating the amount of people you need.

Specific product recommendations

Here are some of our top picks right now that are proving to be really popular with our customers this year…

Nova Heritage 2 Seat Rattan Bistro Set - the perfect option for couples looking for a comfortable place to relax..

Innovators Camilla Reclining 2 Seat Bistro Set - made extra comfortable with a reclining feature, perfect for sunbathing.

Nova Compact Vogue Aluminium Casual Dining Corner Sofa Set - perfect for those looking for something a little different to traditional rattan.

Nova Heritage Compact Ciara Dining Corner Sofa Set with Firepit Table - the addition of the firepit with this set also reduces the need for a garden heater, further maximising space.

Nova | Heritage Rattan Cube Dining Set - seating 4-6 people, this is the perfect option for small families

The Wentworth 12 Seat Outdoor Cube Set - a great option for those with a slightly larger family or who wish to have more seats to entertain family and friends.

Closing thoughts

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought about how you can maximise the space you have available and the benefits of a compact furniture option. As always, the team at Duxburys are on hand to help, so get in touch today or come and visit us at our showroom.