We are delighted to offer a wide range of high-quality garden furniture that is perfect for enhancing your outdoor living experience in Lytham St Annes.

Nestled on the picturesque Fylde coast of Lancashire, Lytham St Annes is renowned for its natural beauty and stunning beaches. With its unique blend of coastal charm and historic heritage, it is no wonder that Lytham St Annes has become a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle.

Keep up to date with the current garden furniture trends in Lytham St Annes

At Duxburys Garden Furniture, we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in garden furniture. We are dedicated to curating a collection that not only meets your practical needs but also reflects the current styles and designs.

We strive to stay ahead of the curve and offer furniture pieces that combine functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that your outdoor space becomes a true extension of your home.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards creating outdoor living spaces that rival the comfort and style of indoor rooms. Lytham St Annes is no exception to this trend. Many residents are transforming their gardens, patios, and balconies into amazing outdoor retreats where they can relax, entertain, and enjoy the fresh coastal air. With our range of garden furniture, you can effortlessly create an inviting atmosphere that suits your personal taste.

Outdoor Furniture Lytham St Annes

Enhance your outdoor living experience with our exceptional range of garden furniture, designed to bring comfort, style, and functionality to your outdoor space.

Lounge Sets Lytham St Annes

Discover stylish lounge sets that combine comfort and sophistication, perfect for creating a relaxing outdoor retreat.

Pergolas and Gazebos Lytham St Annes

Enhance your outdoor space with elegant pergolas and gazebos, creating a captivating focal point and providing shade for your garden.

Bistro Sets for Smaller Spaces Lytham St Annes

Embrace intimate outdoor dining with our space-saving bistro sets, designed for smaller patios and balconies without compromising on style.

Corner Sets Lytham St Annes

Optimise your outdoor seating area with versatile corner sets, maximising space while offering ample room for relaxation and entertainment.

Water Features Lytham St Annes

Add a touch of calm to your garden with relaxing water features, creating a soothing ambiance and enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor environment.

Outdoor Dining Sets Lytham St Annes

Enjoy memorable outdoor dining experiences with our durable and stylish outdoor dining sets, providing a perfect setting for gatherings and meals.

Coffee Lounge Lytham St Annes

Unwind in our coffee lounge, designed to create a relaxing space where you can savour your morning brew or simply enjoy moments of peace whilst visiting our showroom.

Garden Furniture Lytham St Annes

Outdoor Garden Furniture Lytham St Annes

Which outdoor furniture is right for you - Lytham St Annes Garden Furniture

One of the popular trends in garden furniture in Lytham St Annes is the use of natural materials. Rattan furniture, with its timeless appeal and durability, has become a staple choice for many homeowners. Its organic textures and earthy tones blend seamlessly with the surrounding coastal landscape.

Another trend that has gained popularity in Lytham St Annes is the concept of creating outdoor living rooms. Residents are opting for comfortable seating arrangements, such as plush sofas and armchairs, paired with coffee tables and side tables. This allows them to relax and entertain guests in chic setting. To complete the look, accessories like outdoor rugs, decorative cushions, and ambient lighting are added, enhancing the overall ambiance of the outdoor space.

Lytham St Annes Garden Furniture