Rubber Plant 76cm

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  • Green Artificial Rubber Plant In A Pot - 76 x 61cm

    Amazing artificial Rubber plant in a pot, with lovely big green leaves
  • Can be used in an office, retail, leisure or home
  • Brings colour and vibrancy without the hassle and maintenance of real plants
  • Ideal for reception areas, entrance halls, doorways, staff rooms, waiting rooms, conservatories or window displays
  • Indoor use only guaranteed not to wilt, drop leaves, die or outgrow their space

Why Duxburys

  • The biggest garden furniture specialist within the North West.
  • Genuine family run business.
  • 20,000 sq ft showroom dedicated to garden furniture all year round.
  • Over 130 sets on display.
  • Everything in stock is stored onsite ready for immediate delivery.
  • We are proud to have received hundreds of 5 star reviews.
  • All items come with manufactures warranties.
  • All of our products meet UK standards for safety requirements.
  • Always aluminium and all weather frames

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